We must never forget, That From a Few Came Many. Today we are that many and the few were those who began in one space only to manifest that many lives would become spread out over the many directions of the compass. We are a part of a never-ending progression.

It is with enormous pride that ProgressionEleyParker.com have been established as a medium of sharing ideas and embracing the progression from the past. This testifies that of ourselves we are nothing and stronger together than we are alone. Therefore, the more we give of ourselves today, the more we are nourishing the seeds of tomorrow. 

​It is a badge of honor to regard that which is bigger and more noble than ourselves. Knowing fully that  today does not last very long, and we must make preparations for the days that follow.



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Job Well Done......


​the ElEY/Parker Family Website


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


The ProgressionEleyParker.com website  in an elaboration of its purpose and function is to share general information under each of its Tabs. In its purpose, function, and design, the goal of the website is  to reflect a positive light.

The eley.parker@aol.com email address is set up to receive all suggestions and comments which will assist in enhancing its service, utility, and design. This can be best achieved by periodically providing pertinent information for the website, as it is definitely encouraged.  

In an even more extensive purpose, the goal is to become optimum in reaching each of us. Recognizing fully the diversity of age and gender. Pertaining to our younger generation information on education is vital.

Having that in mind, the website will continue to provide a service of general information which can be shared in a dialogue. 

No private or personal information will be displayed on the website. Personal profiles which may be encouraging or a source of motivation should be one of its objective. 

Information on current or future family events is welcomed. The website especially encourages that our younger generation provides its opinions and suggestions of information which will be useful to them on a continuance basis, so please share the website address.

The approach within the website is to focus each day as one of service and utility for anyone who reaches its destination. Updates may extend on a sometimes daily or weekly basis. But its basic design for monthly updates of the Home page, therefore stay connected for monthly postings.

The following is information provided as a part of the Editorial. The emphasis placed upon whatever positive contribution when or wherever it becomes necessary is always welcomed through the email address above.

The certainty that each of us has something to take from or add to this effort, despite of how old or young we may be is very relevant. For if we were to ask ourselves how could we be of a greater service?'

In further context, each us are sometimes reminded of the two most significant days within our lives. Number one being the day we were born.  

Secondly, is the point of discovering our greatest utility and greater self  of the time in which we are present. We all are subject to making these discoveries at different points which should be expressed at its highest level once we do.

Many motivated speakers have often asked in this regard, "What are the things that we are most passionate about?" Most times it is followed by a suggestion to follow those passions, but perfect them. Perfect and refine your crafts and you will be on your way.

Through this website which intends to show those who have taken on certain professions with the knowledge and expertise to share what they have as family members at their will and personal discretion.

Once this can be achieved, it becomes a motivating force for someone else to go above and beyond in a particular pursuit or endeavor. This approach creates positive attitudes and is often required towards getting the necessary and most vital things done and accomplished

'Sharing is caring,' making strides to become better acquainted and more familiar with the talent which is already possessed helps to establish a common thread. 

The greatest exercise for the heart is often centered around reaching down and pulling someone up. Living in an 'information age' has made it that much easier.   Allow then that one of the overall objectives is to become larger than our own individual pursuits. As this does lend to the opinion of this website in regards to the aspect of reaching out.

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